Danger-SignUpdated list of Flagged occupations with chance of being removed from SOL

Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (AWPA) is the organisation advising department of immigration and border security (DIBP) about Skilled Occupations List (SOL). SOL is an important list to be consider when you want to apply for skilled migration to Australia. It is also important for international students who wants to choose a course in order to be eligible to apply for permanent visa after finishing their study. AWPA has considered labour market, education and training, migration and general economic and demographic data and stakeholder submissions to develop its advice to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on the 2014 Skilled Occupations List (SOL).  AWPA has also flagged a number of occupations which were borderline in terms of their inclusion on the SOL. These occupations may be removed in future years subject to monitoring of the labour market, education and migration data and evidence from stakeholders in relation to future oversupply issues, migration outcomes and areas of specific need. Below is the updated  list of flagged occupations, currently included on the SOL, that are being monitored for significant changes in labour market conditions:

             ANZSCO                                       Occupation                


224511 Land Economist
224512 Valuer
232212 Surveyor
232213 Cartographer
232214 Other Spatial Scientist
232611 Urban and Regional Planner​
233111 Chemical Engineer
233211 Civil Engineer
233212 Geotechnical Engineer
233213 Quantity Surveyor
233214 Structural Engineer
233215 Transport Engineer
233411 Electronics Engineer
233511 Industrial Engineer
233512 Mechanical Engineer
233513 Production or Plant Engineer
233911 Aeronautical Engineer
233912 Agricultural Engineer
233913 Biomedical Engineer
233914 Engineering Technologist
233915 Environmental Engineer
233916 Naval Architect
234611 Medical Laboratory Scientist
234711 Veterinarian
252312 Dentist
252712 Speech Pathologist(a)
321111 Automotive Electrician
321211 Motor Mechanic (General)
321212 Diesel Motor Mechanic
321213 Motorcycle Mechanic
321214 Small Engine Mechanic
322211 Sheetmetal Trades Worker
331112 Stonemason
​331111 ​Bricklayer
331211 Carpenter and Joiner
331212 Carpenter
331213 Joiner
332211 Painting Trades Workers
333111 Glazier
333211 Fibrous Plasterer
333212 Solid Plasterer
399111 Boat Builder and Repairer
​333411 Wall and Floor Tiler​
​351311 Chef​
399112 Shipwright
411211 Dental Hygienist
411212 Dental Prosthetist
411213 Dental Technician

Dental Therapist

Article Name
Updated list of Flagged occupations
Updated list of Flagged occupations with chance of being removed from SOL by AWPA. If your qualification or the field of your study is in this list, you may need to apply for your visa as soon as you can (before it's being removed from SOL)

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